Children's No Spill Gravity Bowl

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Children's No Spill Gravity Bowl


This Gravity Bowl looks like a child's toy, but it's not! 

Designed using the latest technology and the laws of physics, it is a revolutionary spill-resistant gravity-bowl. Being spherically symmetrical, it defies gravity ensuring dry food and snacks stay inside the bowl. 

It is sure to make your child's meal and snack times fun and interesting! Cleaning-up after each meal becomes less tedious than before - allowing more quality time to be spent with your child. - A must have for all parents!

Bowl Pros:

  • 360 degree rotation in all directions 
  • Less waste of snacks, Prevents spills and mess
  • Saves time in cleaning up
  • keep your toddler entertained
  • Make snack time fun
  • keep your living room clean and tidy
  • keep the contents of food off your floor - no matter how hard your child tries to spill the contents.
  • You can train your child to eat on their own using this gravity bowl.
  • The Gravity Bowl is made of BPA-free plastic and it is constructed using extremely durable materials. (It will not break easily if your child unintentionally drops it.)
  • Our children love to play with it as their toy because of its interesting shape and colour.


Size:             Length:              Height:

M                  17.5                     7.5 CM        (Approx.)

Material: Plastic

Colors: Green - Rose - Blue

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Capacity: 1L

Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for your item to arrive.